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SAGAN | Tungsten Ring Silver Groove
SAGAN | Tungsten Ring Silver Groove
SAGAN | Tungsten Ring Silver Groove

    SAGAN | Tungsten Ring Silver Groove

    Black Tungsten Carbide Engagement Ring for Men with Silver Groove in Center & Beveled Edges - 8MM

    This Flat Profile ring from Aydin's Jewelry has a silver groove in the center and bold black look of the ring fits with its name BEAST. Beveled Edges of the ring are polished to a Bright Shine, making it a perfect choice for individuals who love wearing glossy jewelry. This Ring is designed for Men in 8MM & 6MM widths using Nickle Bind Jewelry Grade Tungsten Carbide i.e. extremely durable and doesn't scratch.

    Tungsten Carbide is also a Cobalt Free and Hypoallergenic Metal, delivers a perfect ring for individuals with sensitive skin, can wear this everyday ring without any worries. Furthermore, Laser Engraving is possible on this ring, can carve your Name, Date, Handwriting and Roman Numerals as per your specification and Aydin's Jewelry is offering Free Engraving on the ring.

    With durable properties of Tungsten Carbide, This band comes with Lifetime Replacement and Sizing Warranty from Aydin's Jewelry that covers accidental damage and manufacturing defects.

    More similar style rings are available under Aydin's Black Wedding Bandscollection, can choose wisely.

    Additionally, You receive Free-Shipping in the U.S. and a Free Jewelry Box with the ring from Aydin's Jewelry.