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ROSAE | Ceramic Ring Rose Wood Inlay
ROSAE | Ceramic Ring Rose Wood Inlay

    ROSAE | Ceramic Ring Rose Wood Inlay

      Black Ceramic Domed Profile Polished Finish Men’s Wedding Band with Rose Wood Inlay.

      A gorgeous and eye-catching real dark-hued Rose Wood inlay with its black grain pattern highlights the center of this bold domed, polished Black Ceramic wedding band for men.

      This Black Ceramic will not scratch and does not lose its color. Note, the wood inlay is protected by a resin that can be scratched. Available in an 8mm width with Comfort Fit and domed interior band slides over the knuckle easier with less friction.

      Black ceramic rings are a very durable, contemporary wedding ring option. They are made from jewelry-grade ceramic, also known as titanium carbide, and not from the more familiar (and fragile) ceramic used to craft various household items. Titanium carbide is so strong that it is used as a heat guard in space shuttles. Ceramic wedding bands are easy to care for - wipe them clean with a damp cloth; dry them with a lint-free cloth.