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HURRICANE | Tungsten Ring Black Rolled Wire
HURRICANE | Tungsten Ring Black Rolled Wire

    HURRICANE | Tungsten Ring Black Rolled Wire

    HURRICANEDomed Black Rolled Wire Inlay Tungsten Ring

    This Ring is made of high Grade tungsten carbide which provides excellent durability. It is cobalt free which offers resistant to scratching to keep its surface looking sleek and unblemished for years to come.

    This 8mm tungsten wedding band is the perfect gift for that special someone. Each ring is made with only the highest quality materials. This Ring is Tungsten Carbide is the hottest new material in jewelry. It is virtually scratch resistant, and indestructible making it great for jewelry that is worn everyday.

    Tungsten Carbide Rings are said to be classier, stylish and most important thing is the strength of the rings. As the metal is 10 times harder than gold, its amazing properties are loved by all and provides people with great strength when it is being shaped like rings. These rings will never bend or distort with time and force like any of the other metals that you choose for your rings.

    This Domed Black Rolled Wire Inlay Ring can be worn as Engagement Ring and Promise Ring by Men only as it is only available in 8mm Width.

    All Aydin's jewelry is made to the highest standards using quality materials and expert craftsmanship and we are offering Lifetime Replacement and Sizing Warranty on our products.