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FUSION | Cobalt Chrome Ring with Diagonal Pattern

    FUSION | Cobalt Chrome Ring with Diagonal Pattern

    Cobalt Chrome Ring with Diagonal Pattern and Polished Edges - 8mm

    This cobalt chrome ring offers a mechanical-style approach to the traditional wedding band. It features polished edges and it is available in 8 mm width. Cobalt is a new metal to be used in jewelry, ideal for men and women who are tired of rings that crack or break, and want a white gold like color.

    Cobalt rings are extremely hard, but they can still be scratched. They are more scratch-resistant than titanium wedding bands and precious metal wedding bands. Cobalt is four times harder than platinum and five times hard than gold. Cobalt Chrome is heavier than titanium but slightly lighter than tungsten. Cobalt Chrome wedding bands have a nice weight (similar to gold wedding bands) and with our comfort fit design they are extremely nice wear.

    Cobalt Chrome's hypoallergenic properties make it an excellent choice for anyone with remotely sensitive skin. This uses an industry standard Cobalt-Chrome composition. This alloy composition is also commonly used in orthopedic implants and used within medical practices for years.