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Tungsten Wedding Bands & Rings

Are you aware that the Tungsten wedding rings and bands are a perfect alternative for other materials? You can choose a stronger material than steel with hard men's tungsten wedding bands that do not cave under pressure. The tungsten material is slicker than silk and usually remains scratch-free. ... We can presume the solid strength of the tungsten male wedding band with the fact that they can easily crack the material coming in the strike. Tungsten rings are suitable for people who always remain on the move. In an active lifestyle, there are certain situations leading to an impact on your ring. These men's wedding rings tungsten will serve with complete potential and strength to save the loving memory of your love bond. If you’re looking forward to showing commitment to your bride, tungsten rings can be the go-to option.

Styles of Men's Tungsten Wedding Bands

If you’re a fan of the 14K gold wedding band, but looking for more affordable options, the gold tungsten wedding bands can be an ideal choice to go to. The classic look available in multiple colors like yellow, gray, rose can simply mimic the entire layout and design of your gold ring. Take the solution of detergent-free soap and warm water to rub clean the ring. 

Use a soft cloth and you will never find it dirty or fading. The tungsten ring looks the same as a 14k gold ring & even the most critical eye can’t figure out the difference between the two. The best thing is that it remains a scratch-free problem that we find in the original gold ring. Hence, men's tungsten wedding bands with diamonds can be both attractive and durable alternatives to gold rings.

If you’re seeking the perfect color for your gold tungsten wedding bands, there are countless options with tungsten wedding rings. Its natural color is gray and various other color coatings can make the outer covering highly attractive. Since the tungsten rings' outer color may rub revealing the natural color, it is also a wise play to be safe and go with the natural color. 

Tungsten Band: Ultra Durable Than other Metals

You wouldn’t find any other wedding band with such durability as Tungsten rings. It is said to be stronger than titanium, the tungsten rings are perfect for tough hands. The wedding band will remain secure in the hands of the man symbolizing his partner’s love. Stable wedding rings can help the person to enjoy an active lifestyle without worrying about the ring anymore. 

The Tungsten material hardness is what makes the ring scratch-proof and durable. It is hard enough to break the material surface (tile floor) coming in contact. But, don’t worry as it doesn’t happen as usual and is quite a rare occurrence. Most of the wedding bands are covered with a lifetime warranty and hence there is nothing to worry about anymore. No matter if you’re a traditional rings fan or modern-day style, the versatility of Tungsten wedding rings can meet the demand.

Our Range of Tungsten Wedding Bands: Aydin's Jewelry

We, at Aydin's Jewelry, bring a plethora of wedding bands to choose from. Ready to try some Tungsten wedding bands now? Browse our best selection of Tungsten wedding bands and purchase the one that suits your style statement. The tungsten wedding bands come with budget pricing and do not put a hole in men’s pockets. With a low price as compared to other luxury rings, you can even choose various styles of different pairs to suit your occasion. Explore various colors and styles available and go for a more elegant design for a special occasion. These can be both daily wear or luxury choice rings with uncompromised quality. Tungsten wedding bands can shine up like any other precious metal. If you’ve been worried about losing the ring, these can be the most affordable choices. All you need to do is to visit our website and start browsing one of the most extraordinary collections of Tungsten wedding rings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hard material, color choices, designs, scratch-resistant, wide collections are some of the key benefits to choosing tungsten wedding bands.

No, the tungsten bands are completely scratch-free.

Yes, the hard quality material makes it scratch-free and enhances the durability of your wedding ring.

The cost of the tungsten wedding bands can be between 500$ to 1000$ in approx.

Shop the best-quality tungsten wedding band collection with a plethora of colors and designs.

Tungsten Wedding Bands & Rings

TESLA | Green Ring, Black Tungsten Green Groove...


FERRARI | Red Ring, Black Brushed Domed Tungsten


SHADOW | Black Ring, Black Tungsten Stepped Edge...


BUGATTI | Red Ring, Black Tungsten Red Groove...


BATMOBILE | Black Ring, Black Tungsten Stepped Edge...


REAPER | Black Ring, Black Tungsten Stepped Edge...


ZENVO | Blue Tungsten Ring, Black Tungsten Stepped...


NIGHTSHADE | Black Ring, Black Tungsten Stepped Edge...


AUDI | Rose Gold Ring, Black Brushed Domed...