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Gold Wedding Bands and Rings

Wedding rings have always been a symbol of commitment, love, and bond between two individuals. Giving someone a wedding band is one of the most beautiful and major decisions of life. So, when it comes to selecting wedding rings there are a few crucial decisions to be made. Many people prefer Gold wedding rings due to their rich metal composition and beautiful styles. Gold wedding rings are perfect for both men and women. If you are looking for Gold male wedding bands, you can try out different compositions and styles specially designed for women. ... To select perfect mens Gold wedding bands, you need to know various styles and trends to make sure you get the best one. Do you plan on buying Mens Gold wedding rings? Don't know where to start? Let's find out about Gold wedding bands and rings.

Popular Men’s Gold Wedding Band Styles

There are several popular designs and styles in the Men's Gold wedding band with compositions of different metals such as Tungsten, and different polish that makes it unique. 

Tungsten and Gold - One of the most popular, and durable wedding band styles composed of Gold and Tungsten. These Gold male wedding bands look stylish and are rich in metals that suit your personality and can showcase your love. 

Rose Gold with ash wood inlay polish - Rose gold with soft pink gives more romantic and warmer appeal. Wood polish gives an extra gloss that represents shine and also provides durability. 

Tungsten with white diamond inlay - The Elegant mens Gold wedding bands style with diamonds inlay that perfectly cover the center. The composition of Tungsten and Gold make it more durable, scratch-free. 

Yellow gold with black Tungsten - Nothing can lure Men in jewelry the way black color does, it offers a rich and classy look to the wedding band and Gold offers that rich composition. 

Apart from these, there are several compositions, colors that make it unique. You can select according to your partner's preference and also get match rings in a similar style.

Plain and Simple Gold Wedding Bands Always being in Trend

Plain and simple Gold wedding rings are always in trend due to their significance and sheer beauty. While the designs and styles of wedding rings are evolving day by day, the essence and elegance of a simple Gold wedding ring are still popular. Wedding bands are usually worn every day, therefore couples prefer plain and simple rings to make them convenient and more feasible to wear every day. Moreover, they are more affordable to wear, where intricate designs with diamonds or gemstones are more expensive, the simple Gold wedding band is a cost-effective yet elegant solution that perfectly displays the emotions. 

Here few reasons that will remind you why plain and simple wedding rings are trendy and perfect any day- 

A reminder that love above all - No doubt we all love wedding rings, but sustainable and minimalist wedding bands are a long way to go. It removes all extras and showcases pure love.

Easy to wear - Mens Plain gold wedding band is easy to wear every day compared to wedding bands with delicate designs and gemstones. 

Easy to personalize - Plain wedding rings allow you to personalize engraving on the ring.

14 Karat Gold Wedding Bands Most Demanding

Selecting the perfect and real wedding band or ring can be overwhelming, and confusing. For Gold wedding rings, you need to choose different karat like 14 or 18k. 

A 14k gold wedding band is more popular as it's affordable and can be used to wear regularly. However, 18k Gold rings are more soft, beautiful, and have a higher composition of pure Gold. 

However, a 14 karat Gold wedding band is more demanding as its perfect balance of pure gold and other metals for strength and durability at affordable rates. Compare between these karats and decide on the karat you want.

Where to Buy Gold Wedding Bands?

Shopping for Gold wedding bands and rings can be time-consuming as there are two people involved, their choices, likes, dislikes, etc. Aydin's offers handcrafted and intricately designed rings with utmost care and passion keeping in mind the latest trends and styles. From matching couple wedding bands to different wedding rings to match your preference, you can find everything under one roof. Buying wedding rings online can be convenient and affordable as you can compare prices, styles, designs, metal compositions and select the best design from the wide range of Gold male wedding bands collections.


The rate of pure gold in the market can change any day, the rate is multiplied by the composition of pure gold, and adding the rate of other metals will make your 14 karat wedding band’s value. It can vary, so confirm with the jeweler.

Yes! But making a ring larger is more complex than making it smaller, it can only be large to half size or to some extent as the metal is stretched.

The average size of 6mm is perfect for most grooms, not too flashy, and gives a nice visual statement.

To measure the ring, use a string and wrap it around the finger, marking the point where ends meet. Then measure using mm ruler. You can take help from the instructions given on the platform.

Although various Karats are available, 14 karat wedding bands are most popular due to their composition, and convenience.

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