Fingerprint Engraved Rings & Bands

Fingerprint Engraved Eings & Bands

We all want to show our loved ones how much we care about them; sometimes words just aren’t enough. Instead of buying another piece of jewellery that they may not even wear or use, consider fingerprint rings & bands as the perfect way to show them you care! Fingerprint rings & bands are engraved with your loved one’s unique fingerprint, right on the surface of the ring or band. It will be there every time they look at their hand they’ll never forget who they owe their love! ...

Add a Personal Touch with Fingerprint Engraving

fingerprint rings and bands are an exciting new trend in personalized jewellery. Whether you are looking for a unique wedding band or a special gift for a loved one, fingerprint engraving is a unique way to express yourself. Our engagement rings include a message inside that can be engraved, as well as wedding rings that can be personalised with fingerprints. Fingerprints make the perfect couple's accessory - they will last forever as a beautiful reminder of your relationship. Additionally, engraved fingerprint rings and bands make great gifts- they're romantic, sentimental, and truly one-of-a-kind.

Make a Statement with Thumb Print Rings

With two fingerprint moulds forged with love, this men's wedding band is a beautifully intimate representation of your commitment to one another. From simple to more elaborate design options, these fingerprint rings give you a chance to be more detailed about the wearer. With their delicate size, these gloves require no sizing whatsoever. They simply need to be big enough to go over the tips of the wearer's fingers, where their fingerprint is. On this anniversary, consider giving your spouse a ring made with their fingerprints so they'll love it forever.

Design Your Own Custom Fingerprint Ring

An individualistic fingerprint ring is a perfect way to showcase your unique personality. Whether you want to design your ring or buy a simple one, you can find the ideal fingerprint ring for yourself. We offer a variety of metal pieces, including pieces that can be engraved for a personal touch. We offer a custom service with many font and fingerprint options. All of our designs are customizable as well as durable, so you get exactly what you need without sacrificing style. You may also choose titanium, tungsten carbide (or tungsten), sterling silver and gold. Rings like these are perfect for wedding bands or anniversary gifts. 

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