Men's Wedding Bands: Buying Guide to Men's Wedding Band & Rings

Men's Wedding Bands: Buying Guide to Men's Wedding Band & Rings - Aydins Jewelry

Your wedding band should be as special as your big day. People spend a good fortune choosing a venue, decoration, food, and clothes for their wedding. Sometimes people neglect buying a good men's wedding band. Wedding bands for men are an investment too. It is a symbol of your union with your soulmate. Hence, you should take your time before finalizing your wedding band. 

Finding the right wedding band for men is not a rocket sign, but considering how few people pay attention to it, many people don't know what they should be aware of while looking for a men's wedding band. There are many things that one should consider, such as style, width, material, etc., while buying wedding bands for men. You can also get a custom men's wedding band with a wedding date or initials engraved on it. These types of bands feel personal and romantic.


How do you choose perfect wedding bands for men?

wedding bands for men


The first step of choosing perfect wedding bands for men is to know their style. Note down details about their personal style. If he likes to dress up in formals or his style is laidback or flashy. Some people like to keep their jewelry minimal, while others express themselves with the help of jewelry. They are going to wear the wedding bands for the rest of their life and to all events. Hence it is important for men's wedding band to reflect their style. 

Width of the Wedding Bands

Usually, the width of men's wedding bands starts from 4mm, which is pretty slim. The wider the rings, the pricier it is. The width of the men's wedding bands depends upon the hands and the taste of men. Men with longer fingers tend to buy wider rings. Men who may not like accessories could prefer slim wedding bands. At Aydin's, you can find wedding bands for men's staring from width 4mm till 12mm. Great options for all types of men. 

Metal or Material of Men's Wedding Band 

The metal and material of wedding bands for men depend upon the style of men. The most common materials for men's wedding bands are yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. These metals are timeless and never go out of style. At Aydin's, we have plenty of options to choose from. We have men's wedding bands made from materials like Dinosaur Bone, Diamonds, precious stones, Wood Inlaid, Gold, Ceramic Rings, Tungsten Carbide, Damascus steel, etc. 

 There are a few things that one should keep in mind while buying wedding bands for men: reactivity of material and resize. White gold is popular among men's wedding bands, but unfortunately, there are men to whom it doesn't suit. Their skin reacts when it comes in contact with that metal. It is advisable to check for allergies beforehand before experimenting with the metal or material of men's wedding bands. In addition to this, make sure that the material you are buying can be resized or not. 


Our finger's physicality changes throughout the day. Our fingers could be swollen in the morning and slim in the noon. It is advised that you should check your wedding band again and again and see how it fits all day. If it is not comfortable or is too loose, before buying it. Most of the men buy a half size up for wider men's wedding band. Wider men's wedding bands are a little bit on the right side. 

As we age, our finger's shapes and sizes change too. Sometimes we have to resize our bands to wear them comfortably. Keep sizing problems in mind while buying wedding bands for men. There are material that looks attractive, cheap, and unique men's wedding bands materials that might be tempting at first but are difficult to resize. You could end up with a wedding band that you can't wear anymore. 


We have discussed the material, style, width, now comes the most important part that decides the final look of men's wedding bands that is its finishing. Men's wedding bands are available in various finishing like Classic court, men's wedding bands that are round inside and out. Other classic shapes are Flat Ring, D-Shape Ring, and Flat court. 

After the wedding band's shape, you should decide whether you want a matte wedding band for men or a polished one. Some men prefer a combination of matte and polished bands. Nowadays, Hammered finishing is popular as well. It has a distinct texture making it a unique men's wedding band.


Everything, at last, depends upon your budget. Set your budget first, and then make a list of details you want in a men's wedding band. After figuring out both, you can narrow down options or get a custom men's wedding band. 

Where to buy Men's Wedding Bands

Men's Wedding Bands

Your search for perfect wedding bands for men should stop at Aydin's. Our brand has 19 years of experience in engraving and selling jewelry. We understand every relationship is unique, and the wedding band is the symbol of that unique relationship. We have numerous collections, colors, designs, and materials that you can choose from to buy wedding bands for men. 

 To buy custom men's wedding bands, head to the website or visit us in our stores. We also provide the service of jewelry repairing, engraving, and watch repair as well.

Why should you choose to buy wedding bands for men from Aydin?

Unique designs

At Aydin's, there is a variety of collections available to choose men's wedding bands from. Currently, we have six collections that offer designs as per men's styles and preferences. Names of the collections are

The Timeless Collection, The Chairman Collection, The Ultimate wood collection, Exclusive Grooved Collection. Noteworthy Inlay Collection and Dynamic color collection. Each collection is curated, keeping the styles men generally have. If you are looking for unique men's wedding bands, our Ultimate Wood Collection is perfect, while men with flashy personalities can look for bands in Dynamic color collection to match their personality. 

Price Match Making 

We give you the best price and quality guarantee. We keep an eye on our competitor's prices every day. If you find the lower listed price of the ring men's wedding ring you are purchasing or have already purchased, we will match the lowest price and will give you an extra discount as well. 

The condition of Price matchmaking is that seller must be an authorized US retailer, and the men's wedding bands design must be the same.

Lifetime warranty and sizing

Our size changes over the years. We take pride in our craftsmanship and promise to assist you with any sizing issues that you might be facing. You can contact us for a size exchange. However, it also depends upon the material of your men's wedding band as well. You can only exchange bands of the same style, not for a different design. If you want to engrave, you will have to pay extra charges as per the service you want.

Free engraving

If your search history looks like where to buy men's wedding bands with engraving, you should come to us. We provide regular Ring Engraving, Fingerprint Engraving, and custom men's wedding bands engraving.

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