A Guide To Buying The Perfect Tungsten Wedding Band This Christmas

A Guide To Buying The Perfect Tungsten Wedding Band This Christmas - Aydins Jewelry


Ready to buy a wedding band, but don’t know how and which one to choose? Don’t worry, we have brought you one of the unique wedding band ideas - the Perfect Tungsten wedding band that you can buy for your partner this Christmas. From size to finishes to budget, you can know everything about selecting the perfect wedding band here. Aydins Jewelry brings you a guide to the perfect Tungsten wedding ring:

What is the budget to buy a wedding ring? 

When it comes to buying wedding bands for Men, they like to keep it simple and affordable while women's wedding bands can be expensive due to design, finishes, metals, etc. However, the Tungsten Wedding band is comparatively affordable, but of course, you wouldn't want to go overboard. So, try to finalize a budget, the average price range of a Tungsten ring can be as cheap as $15 and can vary up to $600 depending on your design intricacy. Therefore, keep your budget around this range, so you can adjust to the ring you like the most. 

How to size your wedding ring?

The size of fingers can physically change multiple times, So, make sure you wear at least 2-3 times to check the true size. Often, wedding bands are slightly tighter than finger size. You can either check the size chart provided by the company to measure, or you can measure the size of your finger with string and compare it with available sizes. Make sure you order one size less, Tungsten rings are easy to maintain and modify, so you don't have to worry about spending tonnes of money on modifications. Different jewelry companies might give you a different outcome so, ensure that you use a size chart from the one you are purchasing such as Aydins jewelry

How to choose the Width of the wedding band?

All the wedding couple bands have different widths be it for women or men, they can be narrowed down into 4 mm, 6 mm, or 8 mm wide. So, understand what width you will like, most men prefer 4 mm as the wider wedding bands work well with long fingers. If you want a slimmer ring, then decide accordingly.  Width purely depends on your choice and preference. However, different widths will have different price ranges. If you know what width you want already, Aydins men's collection is great for mens Tungsten wedding bands.

What are the different styles and finishes? 

When it comes to men's wedding bands, there are a few handfuls of finishes and styles you need to consider. The different profiles of wedding bands include D-shaped ring - outside the ring and inside flat, Classic Court - most commonly preferred is round inside out,  flat ring - True to its name, flat inside out, but uncomfortable to wear,  Flat court - Flat exterior and round interior. While finishes can be categorized as High polish, Matte, Combination, Hammered. You can even try mens tungsten wedding bands with diamonds, they provide a different stylish look and design.

Get your perfect ring at Aydins jewelry

Are you ready to choose your perfect ring? Aydins Jewelry has incredibly beautiful collections for both men and women at affordable rates. Their designs, styles, and finishes will look perfect on your fingers. Use this guide to find your Tungsten wedding band of dreams. To make your D-Day memorable Aydins jewelry offers high-quality and sleek stylish rings, you are going to get so many compliments for your unique choice.