Your Ultimate Guide To Buy Perfect Gold Wedding Bands

Your Ultimate Guide To Buy Perfect Gold Wedding Bands - Aydins Jewelry

While engagement rings for both men and women receive the most focus, wedding bands for couples (especially gold rings or bands) are an essential part of your ring aesthetic—not to mention a constant reminder of your love. Using your engagement ring as a reference is one of the simplest ways to begin your band search.

Although you may sometimes wear your wedding band alone, you should make sure it matches your engagement ring when worn together.


Wedding Band Options


The most frequent metals for wedding bands are yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, and palladium. However, other materials such as tungsten can also be used. Most brides choose the same metal as their engagement rings for their wedding bands, but this isn't a hard and fast rule.

If you like the look of mixed metals, choose a band that is different from your engagement ring or a braided band that blends many colours in one ring. 



While pavé styles (tiny diamonds that run the length of the band) give a lot of brightness and flair, the stones can become loose and fall out over time, especially if you have an active lifestyle. Consider a channel setting instead of pavé if you still want the glitzy effect but don't want to risk missing stones or snags. While similar, this style includes cutting a small channel into the ring and setting stones in a row inside the channel to anchor the gems. 



Tungsten rings are recognized to be the best solution for men and women who work with their hands to prevent your wedding band from deteriorating quickly. When your job is hands-on and labour-intensive, you can be confident that a tungsten ring will not scratch and will stay polished for a lifetime, whereas a gold, yellow, silver, or platinum band will scratch and will lose its polish rapidly.

In the tungsten carbide ring sector, coloured tungsten has also arisen, with popular colours such as black tungsten rings and gold tungsten rings being released. The shiny colored gold-coloured tungsten ring is intended to replace yellow gold bands for those who want the durability of tungsten. Tungsten is available in a variety of colours, including black, which is popular among younger couples. Many people choose coloured tungsten as a unique alternative, believing that the ring will last a lifetime.

Tungsten carbide rings are ideal for anyone looking for a high-quality, long-lasting ring. Whether you choose a regular coloured tungsten ring or a more distinctive gold or black band, the ring will be long lasting and stylish.


When is the best time to buy wedding bands?

You should submit your purchase at least a few months before the big day to allow for any engraving, resizing, or adjustments that may be necessary.


How To Take Care of Your Wedding Band

When cleaning, swimming, cooking, gardening, doing sports, sleeping, or showering, take off your rings. While many couples adore the concept of never taking their rings off, removing them before engaging in any activity that could cause tarnish, scratching, or loss is the best way to ensure that your rings last a lifetime.

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