Why you should buy Tungsten Carbide Rings?

Gold, silver and titanium bands are the metals that can get scratched easily! But on the other side, tungsten carbide rings are harder than gold or steel and these are scratch resistant. This is the metal which seems more affordable than any others, and is said to be the best alternative for wedding and engagement rings. Tungsten Carbide is an alloy, nickel, and niobium with a harder ranking of 9 out of 10.

Tungsten is said to be the most affordable option for the people. So, whether your style is modern, classical or something in between, there is a design for everyone. You get added sparkle with tungsten diamond and gemstone band. You can easily opt for any gunmetal gray, platinum white or matte black one, with patented and jeweled inlays. If you like to have natural look with the inlay bands, then combine your metal with real wood! This is said to be the perfect match for this century couples!

Our high quality tungsten rings mainly include best design, cutting edges and laser engraving. Tungsten Carbide Rings are in great trend these days and have gained great popularity amongst youngsters, who are planning to get wedded soon! This is one of the rarest metals, available at numerous precious places of the earth. Let’s know more about Tungsten Carbide Rings.

Why Tungsten Carbide Rings are better?

Tungsten Carbide Rings are said to be classier, stylish and most important thing is the strength of the rings. As the metal is 10 times harder than gold, its amazing properties are loved by all, and provides people with great strength when it is being shaped as rings. These rings will never bend or distort with time and force like any of the other metals that you choose for your rings.

One can easily wear these rings on daily basis.  They can also be teamed up with other accessories and the highly scratch resistant ability of the ring will protect it against any external harm. They provide great shine and attract people’s attention on your jewellery. Therefore, one single ring can stay with you for years without losing its actual shine and getting any scratches.

Tungsten rings are unlike the gold and silver ones, which require getting polished after every few years. In the battle of Tungsten Carbide Rings and titanium rings these rings provide you with former edge. Titanium rings with blue patina needs to be maintained but these tungsten rings will never require any maintenance and will always remain in their original state.

The durability of these rings is the best as they feature a combination of bending, scratching and tarnishing resistance. They are said to be better from any other metal because of the Durability of these rings and tungsten is the perfect match for wedding rings. As your marriage is one of the most personal bond and huge social event, therefore these never-diminishing bond rings can give a great significance to your relation.

There are many people who face allergies from different metals which lead to various health problems. But Tungsten Carbide Rings, with the combination of nickel has proven to be hypoallergenic and provides great suitability to the people. These are the rings that are said to be more affordable as they are affordable, and even the ones with higher quality can fit within your budget. They have unique shine, unique color and look elegant.

Tungsten in itself is a heavy metal; therefore the rings that are made from tungsten are heavier and are most noticeable. However, this must be taken as a positive point because; the heavier the weight of the wedding rings, the better commitment is symbolized in your relation. Another benefit of these rings is the availability of colors like classic grey, black and white. This makes them highly popular amongst the wedding rings.

Various types of Tungsten Carbide Rings

  • Grey silver- this is said to be the original color of the tungsten rings. What makes silver and grey rings is the shine of these rings that won’t alter over time and the beauty also don’t diminish over years. The rings that you buy will depict the exact quality and shine, which it featured when it was new, and this won’t go for a lifetime!
  • Black- Tungsten Carbide Rings of black color are very popular. As there are many people who want to avoid flash of gold and silver metals, then in such a situation tungsten proves to be the best match. The durability of the rings stands great; they are greatly resistance when they are being compared with the grey and silver rings.
  • White- white Tungsten Carbide Rings are much similar to the black tungsten rings. As white is said to be the rich color, they are one of the most elegant style rings that provides grace to your finger.

How can you choose Tungsten Carbide Rings?

One of the most important things that have to be taken care while buying Tungsten Carbide Rings is the size of these rings. Gold silver and other metals can easily be resized if they do not fit you perfectly. But in the case of Tungsten Carbide Rings they cannot be resized therefore you must always be sure of the size of your rings.  Another thing that you should keep in mind is the comfort; there are many Tungsten Carbide Rings that do not provide comfort fit, so choose wisely.

Checkout the width or breadth of your ring, as the wider it is, the more comfortable it feels! While the narrow rings are quite loose. In addition to the breadth, style of the rings should also be taken care of as the ring should look good on your figure. Last is the price of the ring; make sure it fits your budget!

So this is all about Tungsten Carbide Rings. If it’s your wedding or you want to gift Tungsten Carbide Rings to your loved ones make sure that you note all the above points to get the best ones!