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PRESLEY | Tungsten Ring Rich Cocobolo Wood Inlay
PRESLEY | Tungsten Ring Rich Cocobolo Wood Inlay

    PRESLEY | Tungsten Ring Rich Cocobolo Wood Inlay


      Tungsten Carbide Ring with Rich Cocobolo Wood Inlay – 8mm

      This unique Tungsten Carbide ring with polished beveled edges with features an inlay of real lustrous and deeply beautiful reddish-brown Cocobolo wood, a tropical and heavy hardwood indigenous to Central America.

      Unite your hearts forever with this Amazing His and Her Rich Cocobolo Wood Inlay at the Ring.

      This sophisticated and stylish, beveled-edged Tungsten Carbide ring design by Thorsten features an inlay of black and silver Carbon Fiber with a durable resin applied protect it.

      This luxury tungsten carbide ring is 8mm wide, with a polished finish and is a true statement piece. The ring is a comfort fit so if you are looking for a very comfortable ring that will stand out this is the ring for you.

      Tungsten Carbide is extremely durable and is 10 times stronger than gold, while also being 4 times stronger than titanium and 5 times harder than stainless steel. Because of this we find many customers love our tungsten rings so that the ring will not scuff as easily as gold, silver or steel jewellery. Tungsten Carbide is the most scratch resistant material currently available for a ring. It will never rust nor tarnish, and is entirely waterproof.