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      Wedding Bands & Rings

      Congratulations if you’re getting married or the date is around the corner. Since the wedding plans are for a special day and not for a casual time of your life. You’re going to make the wedding plans with the partner of your dreams. While the planning of the wedding can be critical for you, that should not be the case with finding simple wedding bands. With our quick guide on wedding bands & rings, you can explore the tips to find the beautiful wedding ring for your special day. Along with choosing the metal and color for the wedding bands & rings, it is also crucial to search for the right shape and size. Keep scrolling and reading to find some traditional & modern wedding rings perfectly matching your style and pocket capacity. ...

      Types of Wedding Bands

      Now, once you’re ready and sure with the budget, ask your partner to keep matching rings. It can be an endearing choice to purchase similar wedding rings for the engagement night. Although, some of you might have other choices or ideas in mind, so be ready to make the selection. You have a plethora of varieties ranging from the court, flat, diamond, set diamond, D shape, etc. The design of the ring should be the one that can offer the maximum comfort and style statement. 

      Choosing a ring style and type is important and should be purely matching to your and your partner’s tastes. There are certain wedding rings categories like stone-set, plain, and shaped designs to choose from. The plain wedding rings and bands are known to be a traditional choice, while the stone-set have achieved recognition in a few years. 

      Shop Unique Men's Wedding Bands By Metal

      While your topmost consideration for the men’s wedding bands should be the diamond, the metal and material should be the deciding factor. Make sure the men’s wedding rings are created using the same quality of metal. Even if it doesn’t assist the designing of the wedding rings for him, it is going to decide whether the metal is going to be preserved for a long time or not. 

      • The rarest gold in the world is Welsh gold and is super costly. However, there are three more types of gold to influence the price and rarity. 
      • The romantic appeal from the Rose Gold can be visualized with the perfect blend of copper and yellow gold. It doesn’t tarnish the best men's wedding bands and remains highly durable. 
      • It is one of the traditional sorts of male wedding rings metal and never goes out of fashion. Once yellow gold is polished it gives a bright finishing. 
      • The yellow gold is mixed with the other metals to achieve pale silver color in men's wedding rings for sale. It tends to lose shine after some time but a recoat of the material is going to bring back the shine. 

      Shop Unique Women's Wedding Bands By Metal

      The very first thing before choosing a wedding ring for women is to fix a budget. Probably you would already have a figure in mind for a simple wedding ring for women and just waiting to explore the choices falling into the same. You can choose average wedding bands for women or even luxury ones with variable prices. 

      • Platinum is thirty times rarer than gold and becomes a highly luxurious choice in a wedding ring for her. Its rarity can be seen with the pricing difference too. However, choosing the white metal is also a smart choice as it is not easy to wear & can hold the diamond ring securely. 
      • Palladium is a very new element to the jewelry industry. But, it offers a more royal white finish on the ring and is even affordable & lightweight. Unlike white metal, female wedding bands will not require any sort of coating to maintain the finish. 
      • There are various other metals for anniversary wedding bands like silver, zirconium, titanium, etc. You can even purchase the two-tone colored ladies' wedding bands bringing the best look and design. The two colors can be any of the above-mentioned ones. 

      How to Find Your Perfect Fit Wedding Band?

      Aydin's Jewelry is a one-stop destination for all sorts of eye-catching and glamorous wedding bands or rings. Our wedding bands are designed with experts under experienced supervision. The usage of metal tubes in the rings opposes the liquid molds. They have a strong structure that is going with you and your partner’s love.

      The pricing of the wedding rings and bands is a crucial factor to choose the right option. Because of precious metals, design, colors, shapes, etc, the wedding rings are going to require an investment. Yet, we at Aydin's Jewelry are more focused to bring the most competitive prices in the market.

      At Aydin's Jewelry, we’ve always been known for credibility and customer servicing. No matter if it's to help couples find the perfect wedding rings & bands pair or keep bringing the trendy pieces to embark on an unforgettable journey. With years of experience, we can be the ideal option to quench your thirst for a creative wedding ring. 

      Frequently Asked Questions

      As per the marriage tradition, both the groom and bride's family would have to purchase the wedding rings for each other.

      A wedding band or ring comes with an average cost of $1000 and can be raised more as per the quality and design.

      Bride or her family purchases the wedding ring for the groom.

      In general, the wedding ring is worn at the top while the diamond ring goes to the bottom.

      Choose Aydin's Jewelry to browse and purchase the wedding bands online.

      You get to choose from gold, palladium, platinum, titanium, tungsten, sterling for your next wedding ring purchase.

      Start searching for the right design and size at some reliable shop like Aydin's Jewelry.

      A wedding ring or band is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand.

      Both groom and bride purchase the wedding bands.

      Often it's seen as a bad form to wear a wedding band before marriage.

      Visit Aydin's Jewelry shop and start exploring the wedding band to book for your special day.

      Wedding Bands & Rings

      Yellow Gold High Polished Tungsten Ring with Black...


      ROCKET | Tungsten Ring Blue Tone Wire


      NORWAY | Tungsten Ring Blue Groove


      LEONIS | Tungsten Ring Black & Rose Gold


      BLACKROCK | Tungsten Ring Black Domed


      VIGILANT | Tungsten Ring Yellow Gold Domed


      BRAWLER | Tungsten Ring Flat Pipe Cut


      DION | Tungsten Ring Black Domed


      SWIRL | Damascus Burl Wood Grain Texture