About Tungsten Rings

About Tungsten Rings - Aydins Jewelry

Tungsten is a metal that is both hard and dense, with a high melting point, and is represented by the chemical symbol W on the periodic table of elements. When combined with a carbon alloy, it becomes tungsten carbide (WC), which is one of the coolest metals on the jewelry market today. While tungsten is a relatively new metal to be used in jewelry, some common misspellings of "tungsten" include tungston, tungstan, tungstein, and tungstin. The proper composition of tungsten carbide to have in a wedding ring is about 85%, and the rest nickel, which is the purity level of all tungsten carbide rings carried by Aydins Jewelry. This optimal purity level gives the metal the most scratch-resistant properties. If there is any more nickel, the ring will become too brittle, and if there is any less, the metal will become too soft.

Aydins Jewelry's unique formula of tungsten carbide allows its tungsten rings to be both visually stunning and incredibly durable for years of everyday use. Tungsten carbide is four times harder than titanium and twice as hard as steel, making tungsten jewelry virtually scratch-proof. And because the tungsten rings and tungsten wedding bands sold by Aydins Jewelry are comfort-fit, customers won't ever have a reason to take them off.

Tungsten vs. Titanium

While many people think that tungsten and titanium are very similar metals, in reality, they are quite different. One of the most noticeable differences is in their weight. Titanium is a very lightweight metal, whereas tungsten is very dense and heavy. Tungsten is also very hard, making it very difficult to scratch, and is in fact, the hardest metal on earth, with only non-metals such as diamonds being harder. Titanium is about four times less hard than tungsten, making it quite easy to scratch a titanium ring. One of the drawbacks of tungsten being so hard is that the metal does not bend, and if enough force is applied, the ring can crack or break, whereas titanium will bend out of shape. However, Aydins Jewelry offers a lifetime warranty on its tungsten rings if breakage should occur.

Why is "Tungsten" and "Tungsten Carbide" used throughout Aydins Jewelry's site?

All of the tungsten rings sold by Aydins Jewelry are made of 85% pure tungsten carbide. Aydins Jewelry does not carry rings made of 100% pure tungsten, as they would basically turn to powder without carbon to alloy. Throughout its website, Aydins Jewelry uses the words tungsten and tungsten carbide interchangeably. This is because often times having to say "tungsten carbide wedding bands" is a bit of a mouthful and Aydins Jewelry, as well as other retailers, just write "tungsten" when they mean "tungsten carbide". It is like saying "gas" instead of "gasoline".

Should I worry about a tungsten carbide allergic reaction?

No, you shouldn't. Aydins Jewelry is a tungsten jeweler devoted to quality. All of its tungsten jewelry is made with nickel-binder alloy, which is superior to cobalt-binder alloy. Nickel-binder alloy is hypoallergenic, chemically inert, and does not oxidize, cause rashes, or irritate the skin. Cobalt-binder alloy, on the other hand, can cause a tungsten carbide allergic reaction and can oxidize when the cobalt binds with your skin's natural oils. Virtually all people who are allergic to the nickel in white gold rings are not allergic to the nickel in tungsten because there is such a small