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Do you know how the titanium rings, which are highly popular nowadays; have completely transformed the customer perspective? Why they are considered best and trustworthy than the other ornaments and jewelry? The answers to all of these will be entitled in the following article! Titanium wedding bands not only catch the eye of audience, but also fulfill the requirement of customers. Many of their highlighting features and important information is being covered in the following article. But before you get to know the exact answer to the question, it is essential to know about titanium and about its grades.

What is Titanium?

Among the entire elements on the periodic table, titanium is the one, found in nature which also falls in the transition metal category. It is considered one among the most abundant metals that are found on earth and it holds the seventh position on this consideration.  The light and shiny white/gray color adds extra value to this element, and when polished or brushed using certain methods, it provides magnificent results. The property that completely distinguishes titanium from other elements is that it has a high ratio of strength to weight. Which means that it is light weighted that too with low density. The estimated density is 4.11 compared to tungsten that has 19.25 as density.

The wedding ornaments should be lightly weighted like the feather on fingers, and the titanium rings exactly match this requirement. They are primarily constructed as jewelry rings with titanium composition of 99.2%. The titanium ring may be crafted with other materials like a gemstone in combination. Now the composition may vary according to the use of other materials. The rings are crafted using bars, tubes or sheets, which are later, cut down in desired size and shapes. The jewelry is made using the laser welding, unlike the other elements that are made using soldering and rolling techniques.

Properties of Titanium:

They are chosen to make branded titanium rings due to utmost unique characteristics such as the bi-compact property, which is non-toxic to the human body. They are also known as best for those who suffer certain kind of allergies and it does not react on the fingers of the individuals. Other such property that makes it easy to use is its high resistance to corrosion, to aqua regia, acids, and seawater. They hold a high level of fatigue and a good ratio of strength to weight than certain metals. They are not like other metals which are impossible to resize once molded into particular shape and size. The reduction and ability to resize is possible in titanium rings.

Why this type of ring suits best?

As it is mentioned above that the properties of titanium can be changed easily by partially adding metals to form an alloy, they are divided into following types-

  • Grade 1: It is considered as the softest titanium form,
  • Grade 2- It is considered as the hardest titanium form.

Commercially pure titanium grade that is 99% pure is used in titanium rings. Again the commercially pure rings are categorized into Grade 1 to 4, but for wedding rings Grade 2 to 4 is perfect. They are generally scratch resistant with other strong resisting properties.

Why buy titanium ring?

Now you are pretty much aware of the fact that why titanium is used in making beautiful and everlasting rings. Given below are some of the reasons that will let you know why to buy one such ring.

  • They are measured as a fantastic investment for future needs. Since they are not only light weighted but also durable the chances of getting scratches and thought of losing size gets completely eradicated. They are quite affordable and less expensive compared to other rings made from different elements. They seem to be appealing for future investments and can turn into high profits.
  • The titanium rings are mostly crafted to suit the wedding outfit and one can wear it without causing difficulty. It gives natural grey shade which completely gets matched in a wedding ceremony at a durable package. It gets easily blend with other urban styles and imparts more traditional look to the couple.
  • It is seen that couples buy donning gold rings to show their everlasting love toward their partners, but with time the gold rings start losing its shiny and attractive looks. No such case arises with the titanium ring as you can buy it in a wide variety of styles. The polished texture and color of titanium ring is capable of competing with other branded rings.
  • They are hypoallergenic, which means that they are not sensitive to allergies and cause no trouble to individuals. It is seen that certain metals are allergic and if the person who is suffering from allergies use it, gets in trouble soon. If you want to buy such rings that have no profound effect on the finger, then titanium ring seems to be best.

How to buy it?

Now, comes the most important and interesting part, people always get confused even if they know that titanium rings suit their expectations best. This is because they get stuck in a wide variety of rings available in the market. The only solution to such problem is that, they should buy the titanium ring from online stores because you not only choose from the good, but perfect rings in the market. Given below are some of the things you should consider before you buy a ring-

  • Get to know the purpose of buying a ring. It may be for a wedding ceremony or offering a precious gift to loved ones or your partner.
  • Now visit our online store and check the specifications and specialty of the particular ring that falls under expectation category. Once you have carefully checked the details such as the style of ring and price.
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Now you very well know why the titanium rings are awesome and many of the users recommend you to purchase them. If you wish to have one such ring, then don’t spend your time consulting others, just check the details online and buy it.