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        Frequently Asked Questions

        As per the marriage tradition, both the groom and bride's family would have to purchase the wedding rings for each other.

        A wedding band or ring comes with an average cost of $1000 and can be raised more as per the quality and design.

        Bride or her family purchases the wedding ring for the groom.

        In general, the wedding ring is worn at the top while the diamond ring goes to the bottom.

        Choose Aydin's Jewelry to browse and purchase the wedding bands online.

        You get to choose from gold, palladium, platinum, titanium, tungsten, sterling for your next wedding ring purchase.

        Start searching for the right design and size at some reliable shop like Aydin's Jewelry.

        A wedding ring or band is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand.

        Both groom and bride purchase the wedding bands.

        Often it's seen as a bad form to wear a wedding band before marriage.

        Visit Aydin's Jewelry shop and start exploring the wedding band to book for your special day.


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